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marine electric toy services:

  • skilled diagnosis/ manufacturer independent repair of electric luxury toys
  • certified LAMPUGA service & repair

General remark about IAQUA products:

All past issues have been resolved.

After the past disputes about IP infringements, we ceased to be an iAQUA dealer.

For any inquiries about IAQUA products kindly contact IAQUA watercraft


Marinetime Services:


  • Tracking & GPS/ satellite navigation services (smart GPS tracker/ telementric two way system)
  • t"remote skipper", a virtual "captain" service
  • nautical surveys
  • professional crew for relocation voyages (certified MASTER MARINER degree / unlimited commercial Captain Licence)
  • single engine boat owner training (basics for small crafts & boats)
  • yacht owner & skipper training for mid size yachts
  • Captain & crew training for MEGA/ commercial yachts
  • TOYMASTER training (safe operation of water toys)
  • special craft trainig (amphibious crafts, jet powered, DP systems)
  • gerneral nautical purchase consultations & services. 



  • boat systems and engine maintanance training (prevent expensive mistakes!)